Snowmobile Handlebars

The snowmobile handlebars are arguably the most important part of your snowmobile. The snowmobile handlebars control the steering and maneuvering of your snowmobile, so it is very important that you choose a handlebar with the right design for your needs. Here at Straightline Performance, we carry after-market standard and custom snowmobile handlebars to suit every rider’s style!

Tell me the best snowmobile handlebar?

As odd as it may seem, changing your handlebars could improve agility, comfortability and snowfalls by more than 50%. In essence the main thing to bear in mind is your comfort. If you are going for a ride in the city or on a farm, snowmobile handlebars with wider grips will be good for your hands. If you’re racing down hills and through forests than snowmobiles bars that go straight outwards may work better for more agile turns.

The best snowmobile handlebar is one that makes snowmobiling easier and more efficient for your ride.

Some snowmobile handlebars are designed with a low center of gravity (low profile) and made from high-quality T6061 aluminum so they’re lightweight yet sturdy enough to carry the weight of an average snowmobiler. Whether you want handlebars for your sled or need replacement parts, low profile are a great choice.

What snowmobile handlebars do you carry?

We carry aftermarket snowmobiles bars to suit every rider’s style! Where you race or cruise we have you covered. Standard snowmobile handles are available in a variety of colors and designs for different types of riding, like the standard snow machine bar with black grips or the straight line snowmobile snow machine handle with black grips. We also carry the top of the line brands such as Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat etc.,

Why should you buy snowmobile bars from us?

Straightline Performance is an industry leader for aftermarket accessories and performance tunes for the snowmobiling industry. Our handlebars have high-quality T6061 aluminum so they’re lightweight yet sturdy enough to carry the weight of an average snowmobiler! We also use a wide variety of snow mobile bar colors, like blue and red , which give riders the ability to choose snowmobile bars that best suit their personality and style.


Your comfort when on top of a snowmobile is paramount. When you do not have comfortable snowmobile handlebars, you are likely to feel fatigued quickly. The best thing that you can do is have a changeup of your handlebars to those that suit you. Switching up your handlebars can change a lot. We all want to spend a good time in the snow, and with the right handlebars, this is possible. You will have better stamina with the right handlebars. Having bad handlebars can also cause a lot of strain to a person’s back and shoulders.

Racers also need to be careful about the snowmobile handlebars that they have. First off, it is vital to know the terrain of where the races or rides will be. If the place has sharp corners, then your handlebars should be in a position that makes you making those corners simpler and comfortable. Snowmobile handlebars will determine whether a person is stiff when riding or feeling free. Therefore, it is vital to test out different snowmobile handlebars and buying the best one for you. At the end of the day, only you can know your comfort levels. Due to physical differences in people and structural differences in various snowmobile brands, you should choose your own and not based on popularity.

If you feel that your current snowmobile handlebar isn’t to your liking, you should immediately purchase a new one. The affordability of the handlebars also comes in handy in the decision-making process. Straightline Performance and our sister company RSI Racing offer the best snowmobile handlebars at a reasonable price. Anyone who is looking to modify their snowmobile can get their parts from us. We believe in nothing less than quality products and stellar customer service.

Handlebars for Your Snowmobiles

Elevate your riding experience with a customized snowmobile handlebar setup from Straightline Performance. Find the ideal handlebars for your riding style and build. Customized handlebars add extra comfort and control to your snowmobiles and improve your riding experience.
At Straightline Performance, we think handlebars are crucial to getting the best out of your snowmobile. We have put together some of the best handlebars just for you!

Check out our collection of snowmobile handlebars today!


What to Consider When Purchasing The Right Snowmobile Handlebar

While snowmobile handlebars can improve your riding experience, there are various things you must consider while purchasing them. The right combination of rising, width, and pullback will make you feel comfortable and confident on your snowmobile.
People with long arms or broad shoulders can opt for wider handlebars. Narrow handlebars will make it easy for you to travel through brush and trees. If you ride your snowmobile on terrain with trees and bushes, then a narrow handlebar may be the right one for you.
The rise of your handlebar is one of the most critical factors to consider while purchasing one. If you are into mountain sledding, then you can opt for the raised handlebars. They help you be comfortable when standing and riding.
The handlebar pullback is the angle at which the handlebar is bent towards you from where it is mounted in the center. The higher the angle, the more pullback you will get. But there is no one rule when it comes to pullback. You can pick whatever feels right for you.

About Straightline Performance

Straightline Performance has been set up after many years of research and performance in the snowmobile industry. Our primary goal is to set a high standard in snowmobile parts and quality. Our zeal and passion for snowmobiles have made us a leading supplier of handlebars and other parts.

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