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If you are a lover of snowmobiling, then you understand the importance of safety and how having the right accessories contributes to your safety. While engaging in snowmobile travel, your mind should be at rest knowing that you have the right accessories to fully enjoy yourself. At Straightline Performance, we provide everything you need to make the adrenaline-inducing activity as safe and thrilling as it should be. Our inventory of snowmobile products includes everything you need, from accessories to gears, and much more.

We also have ice scratchers and accessories. Seeing as the machine operates mostly on ice, an ice scratcher is important to keep your engine cool while it operates at fast speed and conveys you through the bed of snow and ice. We understand that you need the best products in the market that offer flexibility and promote safety and that is why we are constantly updating our inventory to give you just what you need. Trust that our inventory carries ice scratchers and accessories sourced from named and trusted brands in the industry.

Some of the most sought after products we offer in this category include the 12” performance ice scratcher with replaceable carbide tip – short, 16” performance ice scratcher with replaceable carbide tip – long, A-arm ice scratcher combo kit, Rail saver mount for ice scratcher black (pair), Rail Saver Mount for ice scratcher stainless (pair), replacement carbide tip for ice scratcher (sold in sets of 2), snow/ice-scratchers replacement spring left (reversible style), replacement ice scratcher end (sold each – does not include tip) – right hand / right side of snowmobile, etc.

We welcome snowmobile owners to browse our inventory of snowmobile accessories for the specific parts needed to keep their machines working at top performance levels. We offer fast shipping and our representatives are happy to address your inquiries or concerns.

Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

Snowmobiles are usually taken on the ice. As we all know, ice isn’t the easiest surface to do anything on, fresh snow is best. With a snowmobile however it is possible to go on thick ice and hard packed snow if necessary. You can go at fast speeds and cover a lot of ground with a snowmobile. Snowmobile riders know that riding in thick ice is not the best. Snow powder is always the best condition when riding. That’s where snowmobile ice scratchers come into play.

What is an ice scratcher?

Ice scratchers are critical for keeping a snowmobile engine cool. Ice scratchers are mounted with mounting hardware to the frame of a snowmobile. They scratch the ice under the snow and ice and cause snow dust to keep the heat exchangers cold. These ice scratcher shaped rigid spring steel cable are available in two styles. The more productive design is the rigid spring design but it also has its negative points. This rigid construction can produce a lot of lower pressure for ice because it is rigid and uses an actual pressure point and creates more snow dust.

The flexible style of the ice scratcher is softer and more efficient. It can produce less snow dust but needs a lot of pressure to create enough heat exchanger cooling. The best part is that it doesn’t need to sacrifice any power for this type of design because it has a higher flex point cable which helps meet these goals.

Uses of Ice Scratchers

As aforementioned, snowmobiles need to go through powdered ice on their trails. The lack of powder means that the snowmobile’s heat exchangers won’t be cooled down enough. A snowmobile ice scratcher literally scratches ice. After the ice is scratched, it breaks down to the desired powder form. The snow powder is then blown to the back of the suspension and then helps to cool the heat exchangers. The functioning of ice scratchers is simple yet vital. Moreover, it helps other riders in your area to get powdered ice. If you live in an area where the snow is thick, ice scratchers should do the trick. The more ice scratchers in an area, the better it is for everyone.

Installation of Ice Scratchers

If you have snowmobile ice scratchers or are looking to get them, you will need to know about the installation process. The installation of snowmobile ice scratchers is simple. Ice scratchers come as a pair. They are installed on the rear suspension, one on each side. Their positioning is crucial, and fitting them in is easy, like putting on a glove. Ice scratchers are convenient and can be used in all popular snowmobile models like Yamaha, Ski-Doo, and Polaris. Getting a snowmobile ice scratcher should be at the top of your list.

Buy Yours Today

When buying a snowmobile ice scratcher, a lot has to be put into consideration. It should be a one-time purchase that should last you a long time. Looking at different brands of ice scratchers and the differences they bring is vital before making a purchase. Where you buy the snowmobile ice scratchers is also crucial. Straightline Performance has proven to be the best place to shop for snowmobile ice scratchers and accessories. There are several ice scratchers for sale, and you can compare them on the website. Buy your snowmobile ice scratchers today and get them delivered in no time. Don’t forget free shipping for orders over $100!

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