Ride Along on The Straightline Performance Mini Monster 1/3 scale Pro Stock 1000

Spi Fotor

Ride along on the Straightline Performance “Mini Monster”
“Share” and get kids into Snowmobiling, The future Racers of Tomorrow
“True” 1/3 Pro Stock 1000 (mini monster)
Complete “mini” Proline Performance billet chassis
333cc 1/3 of a Straightline Arctic Cat Pro Stock 1000 Engine.
Custom one Piece Hood from “Wide Open Company”
A Huge thanks to all that helped on the 2 year project.
• Proline Performance / prolineperformance.com.
• Wide Open Company / wideopenco.com.
• Woodys / woodystraction.com.
• Chartier Motorsports.
• Bayside Motorsports.
• FXR Racing.
• Fly Racing.
• Entire Straightline Team for support and help on the build.
• NSSR for building a class that keeps the kids racing.

A special thanks to Michael Houle, my son for being brave on this ground breaking adventure! Love your Dad Jason.

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