2023 Polaris Matryx 900R Patriot Single Pipe Ceramic Coated


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Straightline’s single pipes produce a wider power band, with great bottom end power, and improved top end speed.  The Straightline Polaris 900R single pipe powerband is changed to create a torque monster.  Power from 8100-8300 rpm with no loss and improved torque!   The midrange gaines are the most impressive in the industry with great response, hole shots, and that mid range pull that wont quit.  When changes mid range power, and peak power this much a change in clutching is required.

****  900R single pipe is in final devopment and will be released mid to end of December

Coating Ceramic Coated
HP Gain
Weight loss 3 lbs
Clutching Requirements
Fuel Requirements
Sound Level Matches Stock
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 11 in


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