Snowmobile Bumpers

It’s that time of year again! The snow is falling, the trees are covered in white, and you’re dreaming about going out for a ride on your snowmobile. But before you can go anywhere – you have to put your bumpers back on. Bumpers protect your machine from any damage that could happen while riding over rough terrain or hitting something solid like a tree or rock.

Bumpers are an additional piece of safety equipment that can help prevent injury to you and your machine in case of a crash. There have been many different types designed over time, but some work better than others depending on the terrain and situation.

Bumper types

Rear Bumpers: If you are riding a snowmobile with a rear platform, it is important to have some type of protection for the back of your machine in case it’s hit from behind or crashes into something solid such as a tree. A bumper should be installed on any aftermarket snowmobile rear platform.

Rear Bumpers are designed to be mounted on the snowmobile’s frame and can have either an open or closed design, depending on preference. They protect both riders and machines from any damage that could happen in a crash with another machine or obstacles.

One of the most common types is called a “lug.” The lug is a heavy duty bumper designed to absorb impact and protect riders from the rear, but it also has an open design so that snow can blow by with less resistance on those cold days when you’re riding in powder.

Front Bumpers: Front bumpers are generally not necessary for any type of ride; however, they can be useful for those that want to go off-roading. Front bumpers add not only safety but also a little extra style and protection against other riders on the course who may come up behind you unexpectedly.

Some types of front bumpers include:

-The plow is designed for fast snowmobile riding in deep powder. It has a long, curved shape to resist snow buildup and allow for maximum visibility.

-The slasher is designed to protect the rider from any sudden impacts or collisions with other riders on the course. The slasher bumper can also be installed on rear bumpers of machines that are used off-roading.

Uses of Snowmobile Bumpers

Bumpers are structurally made to provide one main thing, protection. A bumper may not look as chunky as the front of the snowmobile in the stock state. However, the piece can be crucial in your time as a snowmobile rider. Bumpers can protect you and your snowmobile from obstacles such as rocks, trees, or any other unexpected items on the way. As most people love the thrill of high speeds, a bumper can prove crucial whenever there is a problem.

Another function that bumpers play undeniably is aesthetics. Bumpers add an extra touch to your snowmobile. They can give your snowmobile that extra bold look that everyone likes. Moreover, riders often customize bumpers to suit their tastes along with other accessories and add ons. A well made bumper customized to your wants and needs can be very satisfying. Bumper makers such as Polaris have beautiful bumpers at very affordable prices.

Choosing a Bumper

A thing that you should know is how to choose a bumper. Straightline Performance is the best shop to purchase a bumper from. There are a wide range of bumpers to choose from. However, there are five main things that you should consider when buying a bumper.

  • Strength of the bumper
  • Weight of the bumper – should be as light as possible
  • Ease of installation
  • Design
  • Cost

Purchasing a bumper should be a well thought and informed decision. Do not rush into buying a bumper. You can consult to ensure you are getting the best. Buying a bumper of your snowmobile’s make is advisable.

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